Southport Central Retail

With a wide variety of dining and shopping options from Boutiques to Beauty Therapists and many dining options, Southport Central Retail provides a bright and relaxing space to meet, enjoy long lunch, a quick coffee, shop or to simply enjoy the relaxing outdoor space. Centrally located in the middle of the Southport CBD with access to all local commercial and retail areas, Southport Central Retail is a great dining and shopping stop. 3 Hours free parking for all restaurant and shop customers.

Centre Management Office: 5555 0270

  • For all general enquiries, visit us in Tower 1 Level 4, call reception on 07 5555 0270, or email [email protected]
  • For security access devices, car parking enquiries, directory listing, fit outs, etc
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm (excluding public holidays)
  • Afterhours and emergencies please contact security on 1300 075 098

General information: Directory, Parking, Navigation, Security

  • Tenancy Directory: Select this to view commercial and retail tenants
  • Car parking: Retail customer parking is available; charges apply after to 3 hours
  • Navigation: Tower 1 Blue, Tower 2 Green, Tower 3 Red, Building G Lavender
  • Site security: is 24 x 7 and will provide general assistance for the site on 1300 075 098

Parking: Strictly allocated parking for tenants

  • Retail tenants and staff must only park in their allocated space
  • For information on security access devices and permits, please contact Centre Management Office (details above)
  • Customer parking area is only for Southport Central retail customers
  • For more details please refer to the Parking section including hours of operation and customer parking information

Lifts: available all towers and buildings

  • Lifts access is open during business hours and for security access devices outside business hours
  • Car park access lifts are in all commercial towers and buildings A (on Lawson street between towers 1 and 2), E (next to tower 2), F and G (next to tower 3)

Facility information: Moving, Alarms, Mail, Trolleys, Garbage, By-Laws

  • Moving: please book your move in or out through the Centre Management Office on 5555 0270
  • Fire alarm: please vacate the building when the general fire alarm sounds
  • Retail mail collection is located in the secured mailbox room opposite lifts on the ground floor of Tower 2 (for Tower 2 and building D & E) and 3 (for Tower 3 and buildings F & G); for Tower 1 (and building A, B & C) the secured mailbox room is located on the right through to the car park on the ground floor from the main retail area - see Centre Management for details
  • Supermarket shopping trollies are not allowed inside the property and must not be used as transport (they are the property of the supermarkets)
  • All general waste and recycling must be taken and placed in the appropriate bins in the waste management area off Garden Street - refer the orange highlighted here on this map
  • Retail By-Laws: contact Body Corporate Manager or the Centre Management Office

Internet Service Options

  • Network: Southport Central has been wired for direct internet access with very high speeds - see Internet section
  • NBN: available via existing phone line, speeds up to 50 Mbps, replacing exiting ADSL and phone services
  • Mobile broadband: local tower provides good reception and high speeds, please refer to your provider

Fire alarms, emergency evacuations

  • All retail units and common areas are fitted with monitored smoke detectors (and any user triggered incident typically incurs a callout cost from the Fire Brigade (QFES) of around $1200)
  • The entire site is fitted with sprinklers (and care should be taken not to knock or damage the ceiling sprinkler heads)
  • Please immediately vacate the building when the general alarm sounds
  • Fire alarm evacuations are performed annually mid year
  • Please refer to the “Fire Alarm and Evacuation” paragraph in the information section
  • It is a legislative requirement that all commercial units have at least one nominated Emergence Procedures Warden
  • The Fire Warden Nomination Form is at this link: Fire Warden Nomination Form
  • Organised by Centre Management, training is run quarterly taking approximately one hour

Retail Contractors/Fit Outs: Contact Centre Management

  • All contractors must contact Centre Management before commencing onsite work
  • Normal working hours (7am to 5pm) contact 5555 0270
  • Afterhours contact security on 1300 075 098
  • For tenancy fit-outs or reconfiguration: all enquires must go through the Facilities Compliance Manager on 5555 0270 or email [email protected] prior to any fit-outs or other works

Forms: Tenant Contact, Directory listing, Car parking

  • New tenants please complete and return to Centre Management, Tower 1, Level 4:
  • Commercial Tenant Contact Details Form: for keeping informed of important information and events
  • Tenant Directory Listing Form: for adding your business to the electronic directories (also accessible via the internet and on smart phones)
  • Fire Warden Nomination Form: for emergency evacuations of your unit or floor
  • Other forms and car parking lease applications please contact the Centre Management Office